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Who We Help

LFS Capital helps early stage businesses.

For us, “early stage” means any kind of organization with net liquid assets between $20,000 ($20k) and $200,000,000 ($200m).

We do not focus on any specific sector, stage, or check size. We do not require any specific traction metrics, opportunity size, or growth rate. We do not require any emphasis on profitability, technology, or long-term scalability. 

That said, we DO focus on helping people that our colleagues are not able to help, including:

  • Early-stage founders that have yet to demonstrate traction for their ideas
  • VC-backed founders that are struggling to raise additional capital
  • Entrepreneurs that are focused on niche and franchise opportunities
  • Small business owners that want to retain 100% ownership of their business
  • Philanthropists that are focused on making the world a better place
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